Luisa Omielan is the first comedian to ever be a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit and had fought tooth and nail for her platform in comedy.

After endless rejections from agents and drama schools when she was starting out, Luisa took a performing arts course with a stand-up comedy module at Salford University. She earned the highest mark in the institution’s history but there was sill a long road ahead. Luisa grafted tirelessly as everything from a postwoman to a factory worker to fund her travel to and from gigs, until her Edinburgh show What Would Beyonce Do? became a smash hit and allowed her to tour the world.

Luisa has no interest in cheap laughs. Her comedy is about things that matter, everything from body dysmorphia (her famous thigh gap joke went viral with almost 4 millions views on YouTube), to male suicide and cancer. She’s adamant that these topics are just too important to ignore, but promises ‘I’ll talk about them in a funny way so you’ll listen.’ Recently Luisa presenter Politics for Bitches on BBC3, exploring the important issues that matter to people like her. Luisa says live comedy has saved her since her mum Helena passed away last year.