Clare Sillery was appointed Head of Commissioning, Documentaries in December 2016, leading one of the biggest commissioning teams at the BBC. She is responsible for a huge range of output across all channels from Forensics, War in the Blood, Miriam’s Dead Good Adventure and David Harewood: Psychosis and Me on BBC Two and Stephen: The Murder That Changed A Nation, Nadiya: Anxiety and Me and Ambulance on BBC One to top hits Abused by My Girlfriend and Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star on BBC Three and the award-winning global documentary strand Storyville on BBC Four.


Other Highlights include returning series like Hospital (BBC Two) The Detectives (BBC Two) and The Met: Policing London (BBC One).



Clare was previously a commissioning editor in documentaries responsible for a raft of returning documentary series from to Real Marigold Hotel and Real Marigold on Tour and award winning single films like Simon’s Choice; How to Die on BBC Two as well as Bafta winning factual drama Damilola, our Loved Boy for BBC One.


As an executive producer at the BBC, Clare was responsible for a really diverse range of programmes across all the channels from multi award winning series Life and Death Row (BBC Three) to RTS winning The Secret Life of the National Grid on BBC Four.