MEHREEN BAIG is a television presenter, blogger and activist. As a former teacher who is a strong advocate for empowering young women, Mehreen’s move from teaching to broadcasting began in 2016, when she started writing blogs covering a plethora of subjects surrounding young Asian women that are often considered taboo by some. Her writing gained international coverage and it was then that Mehreen was approached to take part in the BAFTA- winning BBC2 documentary series, Muslims Like Us. Mehreen’s empathy, humour and passion for her beliefs led to widespread interest; she was invited to speak at conferences around the world, including The Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi. Since then, in less than three years, she has emerged as a strong voice across a range of mainstream programmes for BBC1 and BBC2; her breadth of work surrounding female issues includes her personal documentary for BBC1, Islam, Women and Me, and a BBC1 series The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery, to be released later this year. Mehreen is currently filming two BBC projects and a podcast for Sounds, still to be announced. Mehreen has always appealed to young women, who form the crux of her social media following, due to her experience as an inner-city secondary teacher, as well as her richly appealing writing and popular television work. As the Muslim daughter of two immigrants, brought up on a council estate, and educated at a local comprehensive secondary school, Mehreen is a rare blend of experience, relatability and vivacious charm (with an added touch of glamour) making her an important, contemporary and diverse voice that young women need to hear.