Guy Gadney runs, the ground-breaking storytelling platform powered by artificial intelligence.

Guy started working in digital media in the ‘90s as the first Head of Digital for Penguin Books UK. He led digital teams across multiple media organisations including the BBC and Guardian in the UK, and FOXTEL, Telstra and PBL Media in Australia before founding the interactive storytelling company The Project Factory which pioneered new forms of interactive storytelling for television drama series.

With, Guy is leading the vision for a new form of storytelling that breaks down the fourth wall and allows audiences to be inside a story, talking to characters, influencing their mood, and changing the story. is being used by Sky, BBC, StoryFutures and Oxford University.

Guy is Chair of Arts at the Old Fire Station theatre in Oxford, is on the UK5G Creative Industries Working Group, and gives lectures on AI and the future of media around the world.