Channel 5 has enjoyed another strong year, with a transformed reputation with indies, critics and viewers alike.
But just who is the Channel 5 audience that Ben Frow serves, does he know them as well as he
thinks he does, and how can you the producer get to know them better?

In a departure from the usual controller session format, Ben has decided to embark on a road trip to meet his viewers face to
face, to find out what they really think of Channel 5, and what they’d like to see on the channel.

This session will lift the lid on the good, the bad and the wonderful about Channel 5 from an audience perspective and
reveal how that will influence Ben and his team’s commissioning decisions going forward.

Famed for his honesty and not pulling any punches, Frow’s controller session promises to be entertaining, surprising and
brutally honest.

Session Producer
Jonathan Stadlen, managing director, Knickerbockerglory