Stop tinkering. Start a revolution. Who’s up for bursting the Southern wealthy white Bubble?

Does it still feel to you that a posh male southern white TV elite gets to decide what we watch and who gets to make it, handing only token power and limited means of expression to those who operate outside the London club? This is meant to be a creative industry that leads the way – finding new voices and great production talent, wherever it is and whoever it is, to tell exciting stories, but the gatekeepers don’t seem to be changing. Why not? Why is it just a merry-go-round?

We look at the far reaching effects of what subjects are commissioned and by whom and through whose lens stories are being told, from the question of ‘white saviours’ to the overwhelmingly male hosts on panel shows, to patrician historians telling us like it was.

Session Producer:
Liz McIntyre, Film & TV Executive