Hypothetical is the brand new panel show from Dave and Hat Trick Productions. Any Idiot can muddle through real life, but how will 4 TV Executives fair when faced with bizarre scenarios made up purely the for the sake of entertainment? You have 48 hours to get selfie with Nicolas Cage or you Die – how do you do it? How much to live in Beaconsfield Services for a year? How do you avert the assassination of JFK if you’re a cat?

Find out the answers to questions as bizarre as this, in the company of host Josh Widdicombe and Arbiter of the Hypotheticals, James Acaster.


Tom Beck, head of live events & commissioning editor, entertainemnt, Channel 4

Pinki Chambers, commissioning editor, entertainment, BBC

Tulisha Ghelani, comedy commissioning editor, entertainment, Sky

Tim Hincks, Co-CEO, Expectation

Session Producer:
Steve Regan
CEO, Hello Mary

Stu Mather
Executive Producer, Hat Trick Productions