E4 are offering indies who have never made a series for E4 before the chance to win a pot of development cash, in a new Edinburgh TV Festival session, What Young People Want: The Live Pitch.

Everyone is chasing young viewers, but the decision of what gets produced is often made by people past the 16-34 age bracket. So how in touch with their audience are the commissioning editors and channel controllers who decide what these viewers would like to watch?

To find out, this session will invite four indies to pitch a Reality Show idea to a panel comprising 16-34s and E4 commissioning editors.

Members of the audience aged under 30 will vote via the Festival App for their favourite idea.

In a Mr & Mrs moment, the commissioning editors will reveal their favourite idea… but will their choice match the audiences? Or will they choose the least popular idea?

We won’t stop there. E4 Controller Karl Warner has put his money where his mouth is and is offering a guaranteed minimum of £5K development money to the best idea. In return, the winning indie will make a commitment to hire a young person from The Network or Ones to Watch, the TV Festival’s talent schemes to help develop the project.

For your chance to win development cash, and hopefully a commission, submit the title of your idea and up to 200 words describing it to: EITF@thetvfestival.com by 17th May, 2019.

Ideas will be assessed and shortlisted by members of the TV Festival’s talent schemes, The Network, Ones to Watch and the Festival advisory team.


  • Needs volume and scale
  • The concept needs to be original – what’s “first” about it?
  • The cast feels fresh – who would be surprising but still engage a young audience?
  • Don’t limit ideas to dating, it could be endurance, talent, social experiment…

Disclaimer: By submitting ideas indies acknowledge that similar ideas might be submitted by other companies and the decision of who to invite to pitch lies with the TV Festival and is final. Indies also acknowledge that similar ideas might already be in development with E4.