“It’s been eighteen years since I was at Edinburgh TV Festival! I’m thrilled to be coming back and talking to Dawn about my favourite films and shows and opening up about my own process.”

Louis Theroux

Bafta-winning documentary filmmaker, journalist and broadcaster, Louis Theroux will join writer and journalist, Dawn O’Porter in discussion about his pioneering career-to-date, at this year’s Edinburgh TV Festival.

In When Dawn Met Louis… Dawn O’Porter asks Theroux to reflect back on a career that has spanned two decades at the forefront of documentary-making. He will consider the genre of authored documentaries from Michael Moore, Nick Broomfield and Ruby Wax alongside documentaries fronted by popular figures such as Stacey Dooley and Reggie Yates, through to the new wave of self-publishers on platforms such as YouTube. As part of the session, Theroux will reveal a selection of his current favourite clips.

As long-term friend and interviewer, O’Porter has a unique ability to push the right buttons to hear how Theroux approaches access, how he chooses his subjects and who he thinks is the ‘new Louis Theroux’.

“So excited for this. Louis continues to be the master of factual TV and I have endless questions to ask him about it all.”

Dawn O'Porter

Delegates will also gain an insight into what motivates Theroux and the diverse people he has met along the way, from his Weird Weekends series, following black nationalists, white supremacists and porn stars, to When Louis met and his experience and subsequent revelations regarding Jimmy Savile. The session will also look at his more recent BAFTA-winning Altered States documentaries and his BBC Two doc which revisits the Westboro Baptist Church in Surviving America’s Most Hated Family.

“Louis Theroux is a hero to many in TV. He consistently tops our Talent Schemes’ poll of names who’ve inspired them to enter the industry. His name is synonymous with high quality, globally-renowned and ground-breaking documentary-making. With Dawn’s journalistic questioning and good humour, When Dawn Met Louis promises to be both enlightening and entertaining.”

Lisa Campbell, CEO & Festival Director

Louis Theroux & Dawn O’Porter were booked by Ian Lamarra, the Festival’s head of talent and creative director at Alaska TV. Lamarra will executive produce the session with development executive, Toby Smith, producing.