The Celebrity Call Centre is coming to the Edinburgh TV Festival and we are giving you the chance to pose your dilemma to the famous faces and big names of TV. For the first time ever, the Celebrity Call Centre is opening up its phone lines at Edinburgh, revealing the truth about working in TV and getting the most experienced players in the industry to give their solutions.

  • Is your team more interested in getting selfies with the celeb talent than actually doing their job?
  • Are you doing all the work while your colleague slacks off because they’re BFFs with the SP?
  • Are you now a commissioner getting pitched terrible ideas by your friends and don’t know how to let them down?
  • Is your presenter spouting racist tirades in the studio and you don’t know how to stop them?
  • Is everyone on your team posh and you’re wondering if you need to act posh too?
  • Does your exec spend all their time in the office bitching about having to move to the regions to get a commission these days?
  • Are you fed up of working away from home, missing your family and wondering if you’ll ever get to retire because you’re a freelancer and haven’t kissed enough ass to get a staff job?

At the Celebrity Call Centre NO subject is off limits and ALL queries will be answered.

Email us at EITF@THETVFESTIVAL.COM putting TV CALL CENTRE in the subject line.

Please note, all queries are dealt with confidentially and sensitively.

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