Hypothetical, Dave’s UKTV Original comedy series fronted by Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster, will make its debut at this year’s Edinburgh TV Festival, as one of the event’s big entertainment specials.

Any idiot can muddle through real life, but how will four TV Executives fair when faced with bizarre scenarios made up purely for the sake of entertainment? You have 48 hours to get a selfie with Nicolas Cage or you die – how do you do it? How much do you need to live in Beaconsfield Services for a year? You’re an exec on Love Island and spot Bradley Cooper in a Mallorcan bar. How do you convince him to enter the villa? Find out the answers to questions as bizarre as this, in the company of host Josh Widdicombe and arbiter of the hypotheticals, James Acaster.

“I am so excited to be given the job of asking TV execs fun hypothetical questions. Makes a change from my usual questions, “can we have a second series?” and “is that it for the wardrobe budget?”

Josh Widdicombe

The firm-favourite recently announced to return for a second series on Dave is produced by Hat Trick Productions.

CEO and Festival Director, Lisa Campbell said: “Watching TV execs having to improvise and make up ideas on the spot is going to be pure entertainment. With two of the hottest comedy pairings, Josh and James at the helm, this is going to be a session not to be missed and one of the funniest things you will see!”