Who wants to hear from a white man about race? Probably, and rightly, nobody. But I feel we owe it to everyone we work with to not be silent and add our voice, even if we echo the feelings shared by others. The past week has reminded some of us how much injustice towards the black community still exists. If you have the luxury that it has been a reminder and not a feature of your everyday life, now is the time to think about what you can do. We care deeply about equality for all and it is tempting to share some statistics and expect some sort of pat on the back, but that’s not the point. We still do not do enough. We need to do more.

Some of you reading may feel the same, and you’re probably not doing enough either. Read more, educate yourselves, listen. Don’t be defensive. If you benefit from privilege, really think about how you can use it for others. If you have the power to say yes – say yes to new people, new perspectives. Working with and empowering people from different backgrounds is not a risk. It is an opportunity. If it makes you uncomfortable, that is a challenge you must face, not passing that challenge to those who want to make their mark in the industry.

We stand with our black colleagues, alumni, storytellers and talent and all who continue to fight against racism and injustice and will do all we can to make sure their voices are amplified through our platform.

Campbell Glennie, MD, TV Festival & TV Foundation
& Festival Team