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Ones to Watch FAQs

We want applying for Ones to Watch to be as straightforward as possible. If you have questions, we hope that we’ve answered them here. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please at tvfoundation@thetvfestival.com 

Ones to Watch aims to attract talented people from all backgrounds. If you require this information in a different format or need to apply in another way, please email tvfoundation@thetvfestival.com or call +44 207 843 0150


Ones to Watch is a TV careers development programme for mid-level TV professionals looking to transform their careers and give back to new entrants to the industry.

To be eligible for Ones to Watch you must have worked in the television industry for at least three years.

There is no upper age or experience limit, but the scheme is pitched at people at the ‘mid-level’ in their careers, who are established but not yet in senior positions.

This can look different for everyone though, so if you would like us to check your CV for eligibility before applying, please email tvfoundation@thetvfestival.com

No, Ones to Watch is a self-nominated talent scheme. We accept recommendations to help us spread the word about the scheme, but being recommended (or not) has no bearing on the final outcome of the recruitment process.

Absolutely – our 25 selected delegates will reflect talent from all areas of the industry, including freelancer

Ones to Watch is geared towards giving people a career boost in the UK TV industry, so the scheme wouldn’t benefit you fully if you live and work outside of the UK.

You must at least have the right to work in the UK/be planning to do so. Please also consider the travel costs of getting yourself to Edinburgh because this is the one aspect of the scheme we do not cover.

We welcome applications from people working in any area of TV in any genre. The only people we don’t accept applications from are people who only work in on-camera roles such as presenter or actor. However, if you do either of these alongside an off camera function such as producing, you would still be eligible.

Below, you’ll find some of the roles Ones to Watch delegates have held in the past/the departments they have worked in. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list  if you are unsure whether you are eligible to apply, please don’t hesitate to get in contact at tvfoundation@thetvfestival.com

  • Production (Producer, AP)
  • Development (Development Producer, AP)
  • Production Management (Production Manager, Production Coordinator)
  • Post Production (Editor)
  • Scripted (Screenwriter, Script Editor, Scripted Development)
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Director
  • Digital
  • Business Affairs
  • Scheduling
  • Acquisitions
  • PR
  • Talent Agent


Applications for Ones to Watch 2024 will open early February 

The application form is available on our website and is made up of three sections: personal information (including a CV), application questions, and monitoring information. You can choose to submit your answers to the application questions as either a written, audio, or video response. All answers are marked to the same criteria regardless of format.

We will be looking for evidence of the following things in your answers and at the interview stage:

  • Passion for television and the television industry
  • Awareness of the key issues facing the industry
  • What benefit you would get from Ones to Watch
  • A desire to give back, improve the industry, and be part of a supportive community

After the online application, successful candidates will be invited to interview with one member of the TV Foundation team and an industry expert. These will take place via Zoom throughout June.

We will then check references for our top candidates and make offers, taking into account your application answers, interview, and references.

Being on the programme

We produce a bespoke programme specifically for Ones to Watch. The sessions are different every year and are tailored to suit that year’s intake. Previous speakers include Georgia Brown, Patrick Holland, Sarah Asante, Charlotte Moore, and Mandy Chang.

You will also receive a full pass for the Edinburgh TV Festival, which gives you all the access and advantages of a full Festival delegate.

Before the Festival, each One to Watch is paired with two entry-level delegates on our Network programme. You will then be expected to meet/speak monthly with them for a year from September onward to help them work towards their dream TV jobs. This is a vital part of being on the programme and we will be looking for aptitude as a mentor as part of the assessment process.

After the Festival, each One to Watch will be matched with a mentor to help with their professional goals. These pairings are made on an individual basis and last for one year.

We are committed to making our programmes and the Festival as inclusive as possible. Read the Festival’s accessibility policies here.

If there are any reasonable accommodations you require to be able to participate in the assessment process or in the programme we will make them and cover the associated costs. If you have any questions about access or inclusion please email tvfoundation@thetvfestival.com