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Dion Hesson

Assistant Producer, Freelance

Ones to Watch 2023

Dion is an assistant producer and journalist, originally from Birmingham but now settled in London. He is currently employed at BBC Studios in the documentary unit, focusing on development. With a solid foundation in investigative journalism, human interest stories, and art documentaries – Dion is driven to create impactful, inclusive and thought-provoking films that educate and captivate audiences. In addition to his work behind the scenes, Dion has showcased his talents as a presenter in an investigative documentary for BBC Three. With a passion for art and film curation, Dion has ambitions of programming his own events.

Dion has impeccable editorial instincts. He brings a curiosity, sense of purpose and creativity to everything from contributor relationships to archive research, filming and beyond!

Kirsty Cunningham, Creative Director, BBC Studios – Documentary Unit.