TV PhD 2019

Meet 2019's TV PhD delegates, a scheme helping the brightest early career academic researchers to work with the television industry.

John Beales

Keele University and the Imperial War Museums

Charlie Beirouti

University of Oxford

Nicole Brandon

University of Dundee

Vincent Chabany-Douarre

King’s College London

Aleena Din

University of Oxford

Mimi Goodall

University of Oxford

Nick Havergal

University of Bristol

Sean Kinnear

Glasgow School of Art

Laura Minor

University of Leeds

Naomi Oppenheim

University College London

Nina Vindum Rasmussen

King's College London

Lisa Taylor

Manchester Metropolitan University and the River & Rowing Museum

Anna Varadi

University of Reading

Abigail Walker

King's College London

Georgina Wilson

University of Oxford

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