Juliet Brown


It’s 2018 and some television audiences are getting restless, eager to interact more with 360, immersive virtual reality and augmented reality content.

Juliet Brown is a documentary and ethnographic filmmaker transitioning into immersive storytelling. Her PhD by Film Practice in UCL’s Visual Anthropology department aims to discover ways to conquer traditional television audiences with accessible immersive content. Her case study narrative follows the story of a group of adults who identify as having suffered mid-childhood developmental trauma. Can they be helped with specific therapeutic methodologies transposed into avatar interactions in augmented and virtual reality?

Under the careful guidance of a psychotherapist and computer scientist, Director Juliet Brown aims to find out.

Juliet is looking for industry partners for a documentary and for a mixed reality piece. Her previous film, Ecocide premiered at Sheffield in the Green Award category and her NFTS graduation film, Noah’s Canoe was shortlisted for the RTS Post-Graduate Factual Award.

“I’m looking forward to the one-one speed meetings and pitches at ETV. I am keen to meet people interested in how virtual, augmented and mixed reality content can reach large traditional audiences.”

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