John Beales

Keele University and the Imperial War Museums

John is a researcher at Keele University and the Imperial War Museums examining the meaning of the ‘experience’ of war, and the mechanisms of physical and psychological survival adopted by Britain’s armed forces during the Falklands campaign, 1982.

John is exploring the different ways that service personnel recorded their experiences contemporaneously, or post-conflict. This involves extensive archive work, networking with veterans and other researchers, and undertaking new interviews.

Central to John’s research is the examination of veterans’ agency in creating the historical record, their motivations for doing so, and a desire to challenge the perceptions of the history people they think they know.

By participating in TV PhD, John hopes to be able to develop the skills, knowledge and contacts to make the most of the opportunities that the 40th anniversary of the conflict will produce to engage the public with his research through the medium of television.

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