Georgina Wilson

University of Oxford

Georgina is a PhD student in the English Faculty at the University of Oxford. Her work takes today’s attention to reading technologies – how and what we read in a digital age – and channels it into the seventeenth century. Four hundred years ago, printed books challenged readers to interact with them as three-dimensional objects. Living in bookshops and libraries alongside globes, paper compasses and other navigational instruments, seventeenth-century books didn’t just describe the journeys of explorers: they made readers into explorers of their interactive pages and were tools of navigation in their own right. Georgina’s research explores how books navigate the world and how readers navigate books, redefining the book as an always-shifting, mobile thing.

Before her PhD Georgina worked in theatre, and has experience in editing, writing and arts management. She is looking forward to curating an exhibition on her research in Oxford in 2021.

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