Fiona Clapperton

University of Sheffield

Fiona Clapperton is a Final Year PhD Student funded by the AHRC. She is working on a Collaborative Doctoral Award project co-supervised by the University of Sheffield and Chatsworth. The project makes use of material within the Chatsworth archives in order to gain an understanding of the wider community who have lived and worked at Chatsworth over the past three centuries. Fiona’s research specifically focuses on the servants and staff who lived and worked at Chatsworth first half of the Twentieth Century. Upon completing her PhD, Fiona intends to pursue a career as a historical consultant for both media productions and for heritage sites.

“The chance to hear from and meet with professionals working within the media industry at the EITF will be a career-defining opportunity for me. I am particularly excited to hear from Lisa McGee and Liz Lewin who were the key minds behind Derry Girls. The history of Northern Ireland in the 1990s is a fascinating one, and it was fantastic to watch a comedy which captured the era so perfectly.”

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