Christina Brennan

University of Manchester

Christina Brennan is a PhD student in English and American Studies at the University of Manchester, UK. Her research investigates science-fiction and horror television including AMC’s The Walking Dead and Netflix’s Z-Nation in the context of US politics after 2008. Her writing has appeared in journals including The Peace Review and The Journal of American Culture. In 2017 she was production assistant for a documentary on the Liverpool Telescope produced at Liverpool’s Foundation of Art and Creative Technology. Her research has been supported by travel grants and fellowships from the British Library and the British Association of American Studies and she is delighted to be involved in the making of a documentary on the subject of Marvel Comic superheroes.

“The highlight of the Edinburgh TV Festival will be meeting TV professionals from digital channels, including BBC3, who are looking for new kinds short-form and online content. I’m collaborating on a documentary on comic superheroes and the industry insight from commissioners will be indispensable to our early plans and eventual pitch for a documentary on Marvel Comics. In line with my research interests, I’m also looking forwarding to hearing from programmers at Netflix about future content and about viewer responses to this exciting surge in genre television, including fantastic series such as Stranger Things and Altered Carbon.”

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