Aleena Din

University of Oxford

Aleena Din is a PhD History student at Balliol College, University of Oxford, having previously studied at Glasgow University and Cambridge. Aleena is originally from Middlesbrough.

Aleena researches the migration and settlement of working-class Pakistani women in Oldham, Middlesbrough Luton and Slough, between 1962-2002. Aleena travels around the country collecting women’s testimony, in particular focussing on their work activities and labour participation. This is to directly challenge the narrative that Pakistani and Muslim are economically inactive, which alludes to the idea that they have not contributed to Britain.

Through testimony collected thus far, it has become apparent that women had varying experiences that have greatly enriched British society. Aleena hopes this research will change ideas about women and work, community relations, race relations and the working-class experience post-WWII. Aleena hopes these narratives can reach wide-ranging audiences and TV maybe the most important way to do this.

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