Written Application Tips

How to impress us with your answers

With all of these questions, take your time to think about your answer, and ask family or friends to read them through – not just to check your spelling and grammar, but also to ensure you’re getting across your passion for TV.

We recommend writing and saving your answers to the questions below in a separate document, then copying them into the application form, to make sure have a copy if the website crashes.

If you’re not a confident writer, you can also submit your answers as videos. Find out more.

There’s also more general information on applying for the scheme in this video, recorded live at an application panel in March 2017. Some of the specifics of the application process have since changed, but there’s a lot of good general advice for applicants.

Question 1 (300 words max)

What do you think you would bring to the TV industry, and what makes your point of view unique? Describe your motivation for wanting to work in television and what have you done so far to achieve this goal?

TV is all about new ideas and fresh perspectives, so we want to know what you’d bring to the television industry. Show us that you’re capable of coming up with things that haven’t been done before, and tell us about the drive and experiences that mean you can look at the industry from a different angle.

You don’t need to have had any experience of working in television but you do need to demonstrate that you love TV. This needs to be more than just saying that you like watching television, but could include

  • Making your own content
  • Blogging, tweeting, podcasting or writing about television
  • Attending events and screening
  • Has TV changed your life in any way?

If you’re doing a TV/media degree, we don’t want to hear about student projects that you have to do as part of your course, you need to tell us what exciting, creative things you’ve been doing in your own time.

Question 2 (300 words max)

Which figure from the UK TV industry would you like to hear speak at The Network? Why have you chosen this person, and what would you want to hear them speak about?

This is a chance for us to find out who your TV heroes are and what you would want to learn from them.

Don’t just think about who your favorite TV personality is, but pick someone who inspires you, and who you think would be able to offer good advice to someone at the beginning of a career behind the camera in TV.

Have a look at the festival’s past speakers and try not to replicate anyone who’s been to speak recently, or who is already announced for this year.

Question 3 (200 words max)

Tell us about a TV programme which you have either loved or hated in the last year. Explain your choice and the reasons for your feelings about it.

Don’t just tell us what you think we want to hear – this is a chance to let your personality shine through! It doesn’t matter which programme you decide to talk about, but make sure you think critically about exactly why you loved or hated it.

As The Network is a scheme for people interested in working in television production, remember to consider how the programme was made, not just the things that appeared on screen.


Applications will close at 10am, 7 May 2019.

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