Question: When can I apply for The Network?
Answer: Applications for The Network 2019 are now open, and will close on 7 May at 10am.

Question: How do I apply for The Network?
Answer: The application is made up of three sections: personal information (including a CV), three longer questions, and monitoring information. You can choose to submit your answers to the longer questions as either a written or video response. You’ll find lots of help on our Before You Apply page, and on our application hints and tips pages: one for written and one for video.

Question: My CV isn’t very long/I’ve never written a CV before – what should I do?
Answer: Don’t worry if your CV is not very long. This will not be marked alongside your application questions, but we will need it to assess your suitability for the scheme, so please be honest about the amount of experience you have. If you’ve never written a CV before, there are plenty of resources online to help, such as these articles from Prospects, BBC Academy and So You Want to Work in Television.

Question: Can I apply more than once in the same year?
Answer: No, we will not accept multiple entries. This includes submitting both a video and a written application – please only submit one application through one type of media.

Question: Who marks my application and what are they looking for?
Answer: The forms are judged by a cross-section of industry professionals, and interviews are carried out by industry talent managers, as well as our Talent Schemes team. They are looking for creativity, passion and a keen interest in the television industry. Please take the time to read through our Application Hints and Tips before filling in your form.

Question: What happens next after I’ve applied?
Answer: You should hear back about your application by mid-May. For more details on what happens after you’ve submitted your application, see our Once You’ve Applied page.

If you're still unsure about any aspects of the application process or are having problems applying, please get in touch.

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