Before you apply

Read this before you start your Network application


The Network is committed to equality and diversity. We particularly encourage applications from BAME people and disabled people. Almost anyone is eligible to apply, you just have to meet a few eligibility criteria:

  1. You must be 18 or over to apply for The Network. We do ask all Network delegates to bring ID with them to Edinburgh, so please don’t apply if you’ll be 17 or under on 23 August 2021.
  2. Do you definitely want to work in TV? This isn’t a taster course to see if you might like to work in television – The Network is designed specifically to help you get an entry-level job in the industry and take the first step in your TV career. It is also not a scheme for presenters or actors.
  3. You must be ready and available to start work in September 2021. Once you return from Edinburgh, our main aim is to help you get your first job in television. We cannot help you find full-time work in TV if you are still studying in September.

If you fit all of these criteria and love television, then we want to hear from you. We’re looking for people who are passionate about starting a career making TV, and would love to join the British TV industry.

If you have more specific eligibility questions, check our FAQs.


There are a few things you can do before you start applying to speed up the application process.

Have an up-to-date CV ready to upload

This will not be marked alongside your application questions, but we will need it to assess your suitability for the scheme.

If you’ve never written a CV before, there are resources online to help; My First Job in TV has some really good advice. Don’t worry if you have no direct TV experience.

If you’ve already done more than 3 months’ of work in TV, you may be over-qualified for the scheme, as The Network is designed to help fresh new talent kick-start their career in the TV industry. Not getting a place on The Network is certainly not a judgement that you’re unsuited to work in the industry – if you’re already doing well on your own, then the scheme probably isn’t right for you.

Decide how you’d like to respond to the main application question

Your application will be marked on the basis of your answers to the main application question. Decide if you’d prefer to write your answer or film your responses as a video. It’s up to you which format you choose – both types of answer will be treated equally.


This year we’re only asking one assessment question – Why should we pick you for The Network?

We want you to use your 500 words or 3 minutes to give us a real sense of who you are – this isn’t a job application, so don’t just tell us what you think we want to hear! We are looking for you to give us certain information though, so read our assessment guidelines below and think about all these areas when giving your answer.

Why do you want to work in TV? What is it about TV that makes it the industry for you? Whatever area of TV you want to work in, we want to hear your personal reasons for wanting to work in TV.

Demonstrations of your interest in TV. Actions speak louder than words in this case. Have you been filming your own content and putting it on YouTube? Working for your University Student TV? Writing a TV review blog? Had some TV work experience? Make sure you tell us about it.

If you’re doing a TV/media degree, we don’t want to hear about student projects that you have to do as part of your course, you need to tell us what creative things you’ve been doing in your own time.

If you don’t have any relevant experience, tell us about your transferable skills.

Why do you need The Network? We’re a charity, so we want to make sure we’re offering places on The Network to people who are really going to benefit from them. Tell us about any blocks you’ve come up against when trying to find your first entry to the TV industry.

What makes your point of view different? TV is all about new ideas and fresh perspectives, so we want to know what you’d bring to the television industry. Show us that you’re capable of coming up with things that haven’t been done before and tell us about the drive and experiences that mean you can look at the industry from a different angle.


Ask your family or friends to review your answer before you submit it. Does it sound like you? Does it get across your passion for TV?

If you’re answering in writing, type your response in Word or similar before you put it into our online application form and make sure you’ve thoroughly spellchecked and proof-read it.

If you’re giving a video answer, make sure your response is clear and you’re speaking slowly enough to get all your points across. Check the link to your video works before you submit it – you won’t be able to change it once you do – and make sure it stays live.


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