Jane Muirhead

Raise The Roof Productions

Why is the Real Living Wage important to your organisation?

Being a Real Living Wage accredited employer, perfectly compliments our ethos and values at Raise the Roof. With our people at the heart of everything we do, committing to the Real Living Wage was the right thing to do.

How does paying the Real Living Wage complement your overall work culture?

At Raise the Roof, our core ambitions are to develop new talent, as well as encourage employees to develop and grow. Having the Real Living Wage stamp of approval complements our working culture as a place where fair pay and fair treatment is the key to a successful, healthy working environment, where our employees can thrive.

 What would you say to other companies who don’t pay their staff the Real Living Wage to encourage them to do so?

Signing up the Real Living Wage is about treating your staff with the respect they deserve, and we have found that if you invest and commit to your people, the business benefits will follow.


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