Laide Sadiq

Producer/Edit Producer

Why did you apply for Ones to Watch?

A few of my former senior colleagues had recommended me for the scheme so I decided to go for it. Many people I know had also formerly been a ‘Ones to Watch’ and spoke highly of the scheme and its prospects so I opted to complete an application.

Which speakers really stood out in your OTW programme?

Within my Ones to Watch programme I thoroughly enjoyed all our speakers but standouts for me in terms of feeling inspired would be Sarah Asante, Sam Barcroft and Emma Rosa Diaz.

What was it like being at the Festival as part of Ones to Watch?

The festival was a big rush of excitement (mixed with a little anxiety!) but for the most part a profound and positively challenging experience particularly as it was my first time going – it certainly put me out of my comfort zone which I think is a good thing.


How would you describe your experience with your Ones to Watch cohort?

I love my Ones to Watch cohort. Initially I didn’t know what to expect and when 30 people are grouped together you just don’t know how they’ll mix, but everyone’s so unique and brings something different with their personalities, their backgrounds, their career insights – and more importantly they’re just a really friendly and supportive bunch. They made my Edinburgh TV Festival experience even more memorable.

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