Katie Elmes

Freelance Development Executive

How did you find out about Ones to Watch?

I found out about Ones to Watch because I had taken part in TVYP (now The Network) so I suppose you could say I was part of the Edinburgh TV Festival family and I certainly knew the benefits of taking part in these schemes.

Tell us about the most memorable talks/sessions in your year.

100 Rules of Television with Robert Thirkell was certainly the most memorable talk for me. I remember it as being truly inspirational, quirky and impassioned. It put real fire in the belly of all who listened. I had obviously already clocked Robert Thirkell because of the Boy Whose Skin Fell Off, so to hear from him first hand felt like a privilege at the time. I do also recall the talk on scheduling which was interesting as I did not have an understanding of this dark art before. Danny Cohen too had some interesting revelations and predictions about where the industry was heading.

Did being on Ones To watch change your career ambitions?

At the time I was quite heavily involved in Entertainment development. After Ones To Watch I decided to follow my real dream which was Factual development and I have never looked back. It gave me the confidence to change tack and focus on my real passion. The following year I began what has turned out to be a long career in History programming, a genuinely life long dream!

Did you meet anyone through the scheme, or at the Festival, who’s had a big impact on your life or career?

Meeting all my fellow delegates had a big impact, it was great to hear about such varied jobs and ambitions. The most lasting contact for me has been Viv Molokwu, who was there the same year as me and I now pitch to at Channel Four! Moray Coulter was on the committee and I have also kept in touch with him over the years, he’s been a great sounding board and supporter.

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