Shivani Thussu

Winner: All3Media New Script Award

Winning at the Debbies completely changed my life. I met Hannah Griffiths who presented me with the award and she has become the kind of mentor and friend that I wouldn’t even have been able to dream up – she’s that unbelievably cool and I feel really lucky. Really soon after winning I signed with what I had thought was a completely unattainable agent and now have various things in development with the people whose stuff I have always admired.

I sent my script to the Debbies at about 11.55pm on the night of the deadline on a whim, so you just never know! Going to the TV festival was amazing too – I met lots of people who I am now developing projects with, and it was really useful to understand how the industry works. I can’t really explain how much this award has meant to me! I will never forget this!

Shivani's winning script, Paper, is in development with All3Media. She is now represented by Curtis Brown.

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