Pip Swallow

Winner: Test Card Pilot Award

Winning Test Card at The Debbies gave me a remarkable springboard into the industry that was unprecedented. I was so honoured that people enjoyed my pilot, but I hadn’t really considered what a door opener The Debbies would be. I was given valuable introductions, and the warm reception that my work received made me feel confident that I had something to offer the industry.

The Festival itself was fantastic! The intensity of the schedule and the rewarding panels and screenings were a chance in a lifetime. It was a thoroughly enriching experience; a fantastic way to make contacts, meet peers, and also connect with the next generation coming through with the Ones to Watch and Network schemes.

I’m very grateful for the Talent Schemes for all of the opportunities that the prize gave me and I’ve still not capitalised on all that the prize offered yet. I’m looking forward to adding the flourishes that The Farm Group will be adding to my project with their post-production wisdom.

Pip's winning pilot, Great Expectations, was screened at the 2018 Tribeca TV Festival and Cambridge Film Festival

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