Katy Poulter

Winner: Test Card Pilot Award

Winning the Test Card Award was a career game changer for us. We had been working hard for years and felt like we were constantly banging our heads against a brick wall. The Test Card Award helped us to finally open up some of the doors we thought would always be closed to us. We have made some amazing contacts within the industry and, most importantly, we regained belief in ourselves and the work that we love to make.

Working with The Farm Group on our latest project was an experience I will never forget and a major tick off the bucket list. I want to do it all over again! Our film has already been accepted in to 3 Film Festivals, including Underwire at The BFI, and we are excited to see how it progresses.  Hopefully one day we will return to the post production house of dreams but next time it will be as a client with our own huge budget. A massive thank you to The Edinburgh TV Festival and The Farm Group for an amazing year.

Since winning the Test Card award in 2017, Katy has had work screened at Underwire and Abertoir Festivals.

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