David Macpherson

Nominee: All3Media New Script Award

Being nominated for the script-writing award at The Debbies in 2018 gave me a great boost that has turned into a brilliant year and my first concrete steps into the TV industry. I’d entered a few script writing contests before and cautiously approached a couple of agents but at that point I still didn’t have the confidence to really believe I was someone worth talking to. But getting nominated for The Debbies was the spark that started to change that.

The judges were all serious people in the industry and at the awards night when I got to speak to them it was the first time it clicked and I thought ‘if they like what I do maybe I really can by a screenwriter, and not just at some vague time in the future, but right now.’ So, I took my nominated script, WRATH, and when I got home I researched production companies, sent it off and then… waited (I’m learning there is a lot of waiting in TV). After a few months, replies started coming back and after a few rejections I got the best call of all: someone wanted to option my script. From there I was off and running.

Later in the year I got the chance to go to the TV Festival itself and try out my improved schmoozing skills. Having the greater part of the industry in one place at one time was great for meeting lots of people, and even though I’m not the best networker I made several useful connections and met lots of helpful people. The great thing was that when, a month later, my new agent sent me to meet lots of production companies and get my face known in the places things actually get made, I’d already met many of them at the festival, or at least met other people in the same company. And best of all when I had a one-to-one with a senior commissioner through the Festival’s speed meeting sessions, they had already heard about my Debbies script, and suddenly they were the one who wanted to speak to me. I’m still chasing that first professional credit but now when people ask me what I do, I tell them I’m a writer and I’m pretty proud of that.

Since being nominated for the All3Media New Script Award in 2018, David has found representation by The Agency. His nominated script, Wrath, is now in development with Balloon Entertainment.

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