Adeyemi Michael


When I won my award it felt extra special as my mum was there and she also came up to collect the award with me. Without her on several levels I wouldn’t have been up there being honoured. Literally her incredible performance in the film and being the reason why I’m here doing what I do as a filmmaker and being that she is the person who gave me life was just a great feeling to have when collecting the award together. Yes it has opened doors and I am having many conversations about productions and I’m actively making new work.

The festival was good and gave a great insight into the television industry that I’ve been working in for the past 6 years, you often don’t stop and just listen to whats going on, so it was good for that.

There are a few projects on the horizon, none of which I can say too much about at the moment, God willing I’ll have something new to share in the no so distant future.

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