Ana De Moraes

Multi Story TV

Why is the Real Living Wage important to your organisation?

Working in TV shouldn’t be a privilege for the few. At MultiStory we are committed to having a diverse workforce, and that is only possible when those at entry level positions are given a fair wage

How does paying the Real Living Wage complement your overall work culture?

At MultiStory we believe that everyone plays a key role in the success of the company, and that everyone needs to be given the chance to develop their career. We are an inclusive company striving to welcome people from all backgrounds, and paying the Real Living Wage is a key part of making that possible.

What would you say to other companies who don’t pay their staff the Real Living Wage to encourage them to do so?

People are a production company’s greatest asset. By not paying the Real Living Wage you might be excluding huge numbers of creative talent to join your company, and that will be your loss.


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