Nicola Hill

The Garden Productions

Why is the Real Living Wage important to your organisation?

Diversity of voices is the lifeblood of a creative company so making it an appealing industry to people from a range of different backgrounds is not only the right thing to do, but is also important to help keep the company and our output relevant, vibrant and distinct.  By paying the Real Living Wage, we are better positioned to attracted a diverse workforce.  This is particularly important in a transient industry where people need the ability not just to pay for day to day living, but to be able to save a little extra to help them through the periods where there is less work.

How does paying the Real Living Wage complement your overall work culture?

Our teams work incredibly hard and we appreciate their passion and dedication and want to support and nurture them in return.  Paying the Real Leaving Wage to those starting out in the industry chimes with our company principle for fairness and we have noted it engenders loyalty and commitment from our teams where we find people staying for long periods or returning to work with us again and again.

What would you say to other companies who don’t pay their staff the Real Living Wage to encourage them to do so?

It is a small but decent thing that goes a long way to help create an environment where people feel respected and supported.  Why wouldn’t you want that?

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