Tom Wall

DV Director, Optomen

Tom is a versatile, ambitious and tenacious DV Director. His passion for British documentary making inspired him to embark on a fulfilling career in television, shooting across all corners of the world.

Not many can boast working with such a diverse range of people, from the Lineal Heavyweight Champion of the Word where Tom spent four months following Tyson Fury and his family for ITV’s The Gypsy King; to the UK’s sassiest drag queens shooting the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 2 Finale for BBC Three Online.

During the pandemic Tom volunteered to speak at the RTS Careers Fair to inspire the next generation of telly-makers.

Tom's aim is to continue to self-shoot and direct inspiring documentaries while developing his own show ideas and bringing more work opportunities to his hometown of Birmingham.

“Tom is an absolute force of nature – a true creative who always works incredibly hard and delivers the goods every time. Any indie would be lucky to have him working on a production or in development.” Tina Flintoff, CEO, Optomen Television

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