Shianne Brown

Producer, Freelance

Shianne is a Producer and new Director whose work explores the intersection of gender, race, and social class. Raised in South East London, Shianne credits her passion for filmmaking to this community around her. She joined the industry determined to make an impact through powerful programmes; she has since worked on critically acclaimed films such as Billie: In Search of Billie Holiday. Other credits include Respect Me, I’m a Doctor and Audrey. Seeking to create opportunities for new talent, Shianne is a Producer on the Netflix Documentary Talent Fund.

You’ll typically find her at a live music event, poetry night or volunteering at her local community centre.

My ambition is to direct visceral and dynamic feature documentaries, giving voices to remarkable people who feel overlooked. I'd love to make more biographical films.

“Shianne combines extraordinary tenacity with unbelievable charm, and as such casts her films beautifully, and gets the most powerful and moving testimony from her contributors. Her storytelling qualities are exceptional.” Lucy Pilkington, Founder and Managing Director, Milk and Honey Productions

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