Phelan Glen

Director, Freelance

Phelan graduated in 2012 with a first in Law and two years later made her move into TV where she quickly made a name for herself as a fastidious researcher. She rose the ranks quickly, becoming a producer in two years and shortly thereafter was given her first edit.

In 2018, Phelan was selected as a Broadcast Hot Shot and has since turned her hand to everything from developing science based ideas about quantum physics to directing sensitive access films. She has won funding for her development ideas and has recently moved into directing where she is the youngest member of a large team to be entrusted with scripting and directing her own drama.

In her spare time, Phelan scripts short films and runs around the UK making documentaries with her own 5D. Her past films have explored whether contemporary feminism truly benefits working class women, an exploration of why the red wall crumbled from the perspective of voters, and the effects lockdown has had on average working people across Britain.

Phelan is currently edit producing a new flagship series for HBO.

Phelan's career goal is to become a director entrusted with making big single films. She wants to push the boundaries of drama-documentary and have the freedom to tell engaging stories that are completely authored by the contributors who have lived them and not bound by the popular media narrative of the day. In essence, she wants to be able to tell human stories in a visually distinctive and completely non-partisan way.

“It’s rare to come across a talent like Phelan. Her attention to detail and ability to land tough access is second to none and her recent foray into drama-reconstruction produced some of the most distinctive visuals of the series. I want her on all my productions.” Suzy Davis, Executive Producer, ITV Studios

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