Having trained as a journalist, Alex swapped the world of hard-hitting local news to ponder the greater questions in life: what else can we get a bunch of celebrities to do on telly? After six years working across popular factual and entertainment development, her career pinnacle thus far was being a part of the incredible team responsible for The Circle and Race Across the World, fulfilling her hopes of creating truly original formats. Outside of telly, she is a veteran Glastonbury attendee and already has sweaty palms thinking about the next ticket haul.

Alex would love to create and head up an A-Team of development, making truly original, truly ambitious and truly ludicrous new formats to sell across the world.

“In a world of carbon copies, Alex is a true diamond of creativity, originality and “fanastic-to-have-in-the-roomness".”

James O’Reilly - Creative Director, Blast! Films

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