Ola Mosaku

Assistant Producer, Freelance

Ola's an Assistant Producer experienced in production and development who can think outside the box on location, and in a brainstorm. She's a skilled communicator who can form relationships with everyone from sensitive contributors to world leading experts in their field, and is always striving to make complex stories accessible and entertaining.

Right now, she’s at Nutopia working on a new landmark series for National Geographic and Disney+ telling stories from some of the most extreme, unique and remote places on the planet. TV’s not always glamorous but it is a privilege, and she can’t imagine doing anything else.

Ola aims to tell, and one day commission emotionally compelling and visually stunning stories that shape conversation, drive progress and celebrate the diversity of life.

“Ola is bold, fun, creative and diligent. She has huge amounts of drive, is a brilliant communicator and is passionate about her craft.”  Vicki Cooper, Executive Producer

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