Nessah Muthy

Writer, Freelance

Nessah Muthy is a multi-award-winning, two times Writer’s Guild-nominated, writer for stage and screen.

Nessah has written for On The Edge Series III (BlackLight Television / Channel 4) and her script shot in 2021.

She currently has five original series ideas in development with Firebird Pictures, The Forge, Hera Pictures, Pulse Films and BlackLight Television / Channel 4.

Nessah is also a member of the Coronation Street writing team, is working on COBRA for Sky One / New Pictures and taking part in the KAOS / Netflix / Sister Pictures Shadow Writers Scheme led by Charlie Covell.

She wants to create, write and executive produce series drama for television.

She wants to banish the ‘3rd non-white policeman’ role on call sheets and put women of colour at the centre of the narrative.

“Nessah’s emotional insight, rich characterisation and her dedication to her craft is what makes her such an exciting talent.” Mark Pybus, Executive Producer, The Forge

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