Fay Winfield

Assistant Producer, Freelance

Fay combines her work on a wide variety of factual and specialist factual productions with working part time on her PhD looking at TV adaptations of Victorian novels. From A&E departments, to Spitfires, to 19th century gold mining, Fay has turned her love of research and keen eye for detail to a broad range of subjects. Fay is passionate about improving the way that TV productions and experts work together, building a sense of mutual understanding in order to create even more informative and compelling content. In her spare time, she loves running, doing ballet, and singing in a choir.

She wants to combine making high quality specialist factual content with pursuing her academic interests, while helping improve relationships between the TV world and experts.

“Fay working on a production is always cause for celebration – like finding your passport only minutes before you head for the airport! The production can now take off.” Adam Bullmore, Managing Director, October Films

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