Callum Akass

Development Executive, House Productions

Callum gained his first TV credits working as script editor on Mackenzie Crook’s Worzel Gummidge for Leopard Pictures before joining Urban Myth Films to script edit Joe Barton’s Extinction. He joined House Productions in March 2021 to work across their TV and film slates.

Callum’s first break came as a Creative Access graduate, a scheme on which he now acts as a mentor. He led a former life in the music industry, traipsing around the UK playing guitar in a band. He suspects he may have peaked at 15.
On his weekends, Callum captains Wildwood Rangers FC, possibly the greatest Sunday League football club in London.

Callum’s ultimate aim is to make shows that both provoke and entertain - and to do whatever he can to demystify the TV world to those coming through!

‘Callum is an extremely clever, inquisitive, sensitive colleague. He’s steeped in his love for writing and is incredibly well read and well viewed.’  Tessa Ross, Co-CEO, House Productions

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