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TV & Academia Collided at AHTV 2020

"[AHTV provided] a real insight into the relationship between academia and TV and the calibre of the contributors was really impressive." - 2020 Delegate

AHTV is a one day conference designed to bring together academics working in the Arts and Humanities with Television professionals working in specialist factual programming to foster relationships and improve understanding between the two.

AHTV 2020 included insights from commissioners and programme makers on how academic research is incorporated into specialist factual programming, plus the opportunity for delegates to meet and engage with the specialist factual community as well as academics with a wide range of specialisms through speed meetings and networking drinks.

Historian, presenter and producer Bettany Hughes opened the second edition, which brought together two worlds with common interests but not always a shared language. Specialist knowledge and research underpins the best factual television, but decoding TV for academics, and ensuring TV producers understand how to work effectively with experts, was top of mind at the Arts and Humanities Research Council and The TV Foundation event.

Hughes recounted being told by a BBC executive in the mid-1990s that “nobody is interested in history.” The exec added: “People don’t want to be lectured at by a woman.” BBC, Netflix and other series later, Hughes proved that TV dinosaur wrong. While the gender imbalance has been tackled it hasn’t been redressed, but the work of Hughes and her peers means women won’t be airbrushed from factual TV’s future.

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AHTV 2020 Full Programme

“The sessions really gave me a clearer view of what TV producers are looking for. A special shout out would go to the live pitch session, which was really great!” - 2020 Delegate

"It's refreshing to be in a room full of open-minded academics, looking to take their work beyond academia." - 2020 Delegate

“I really enjoyed the commissioner and development panels - I found them genuinely inspiring and useful from an industry point of view.”  - 2019 Delegate

“The speed meetings [were] extremely valuable and [it was] enjoyable to speak with passionate and open people.” - 2019 Delegate

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