Edinburgh TV Festival supported by Screen Scotland

Melody Ruiz

Producer, Freelance

Ones to Watch 2020

Melody Ruiz

Why did you apply for Ones to Watch?

After a great first few years in TV, I reached a point where I didn’t know which path to take, couldn’t find any guidance and was living with an invisible illness in a largely inaccessible industry. I was doing a lot of mentoring myself and a couple of people I know pointed out I could do with some guidance myself. I’d heard good things about OTW and was particularly motivated to apply in 2020 when things took a turn for the worse and my career was even more impacted than it already had been.

What was it like being at the Festival as part of Ones to Watch?

The festival is always exciting and reinvigorates my enthusiasm for the industry in which I work. To be there with my cohort was far more fulfilling and enjoyable. I could never afford a ticket to the festival my own right so very much appreciate the opportunity to network and stay up to speed with industry happenings.

How would you describe your experience with your Ones to Watch cohort?

Really feel like I met some amazing people and formed some incredible professional and personal relationships that have helped and continue to help me in my career.

How has Ones to Watch impacted your career?

Changed it completely – through OTW I gained the clarity to know I wanted to switch genres and gained contacts (one in particular) who helped me make that move. So it really was a game changer!