Hello all – welcome to beautiful Edinburgh.

You don’t need me to tell you that for the best part of 20 years, TV viewers have never had it so good.

Gripping dramas, cutting edge documentaries, inventive comedies, and incisive current affairs coverage on tap. The industry is evolving faster now than at any time since the invention of television. But what started simply as the Golden Age of Television has become what we at YouTube call the Golden Age of Content.

Now technology companies and traditional broadcasters are working together to create great content that’s more personalised to viewers’ needs — like the ability to download films or videos on streaming services before hopping on the train and watching them offline, or making sure you never miss a episode of your favourite show with on-demand. The result is an engaged and invigorated super-consumer that frequents a multitude of channels, seamlessly traveling between services to optimise their preferences.

And people around the world can’t get enough of the amazing storytelling being produced in the UK.  or a small island, Brits have a mind-blowing lineup of actors, musicians, writers, filmmakers and artists. The world notices what is made and who is making it here. Global leadership in media and content is a cornerstone of our place in the cultural world, and one that YouTube wants to preserve. We are proud that over the last decade, YouTube has played a part in helping young creative people go from independent voices to global sensations. In 2019 the bar to entry and sharing your views with the world is simply this: an idea and an internet connection. Success stories can be found across any form or media type — Stormzy lighting up the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury, Geordie science teachers howing students the value of experimentation, or Welsh market-gardeners inspiring sustainable living. The powerful role of open platforms like YouTube is helping nurture and promote British creative talent that everyone in this room loves and celebrates.

At YouTube, we continue to see the benefit that digital platforms have in allowing both British industry creatives and broadcasters to reach new audiences. In the UK, records are being smashed by some of  the biggest broadcasters in the game and Britains’ most innovative partners. The BBC at Glastonbury reached viral status with more than 5M views of Dave’s memorable guest appearance on-stage, and sports fans tuned into watch the UEFA Champions League and the Women’s World Cup in record- breaking numbers across broadcast and digital platforms like YouTube. Congratulations to our partners at Little Dot Studios, who won a BAFTA for Best Short Form Program for their original show, Missed Call . The first ever BAFTA for YouTube-first original content.

We’re delighted to again support this year’s festival and are open to partner with every single person and organisation in this room. We’re all here for the same reason: a love of British creativity, talent and content. YouTube could not be prouder to continue this important journey together. Being here this week is an honour.

Thanks so much and enjoy the Festival. I know we will!

Maryam Mossavar, YouTube UK Broadcaster Partnerships



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