Sophia Smith Galer

Video Journalist, BBC World Service

Sophia is the BBC’s first ever Visual Journalist in Faith and Ethics and reports on the complexities of contemporary religion around the globe. From the Emirati women fleeing faith and family to virtual reality church and Instagram witches, she covers the crossroads of digital culture, spirituality and ethics online.

Creating everything from short-form social video to long form radio and digital documentaries, she self-shoots and innovates BBC output on air and across social media. She is the first BBC journalist to be experimenting with TikTok with over 90,000 followers and earlier this year presented and produced the network's first Instagram documentary.

Sophia would like to co-produce and present a Netflix series and write a book.

"Sophia is an outstanding young reporter for World Service – she’s made the global religion beat her own, both through the range and depth of stories she publishes, but also by challenging us to think about our digital product, whether on our own platform or on social channels including Instagram and TikTok." Jamie Angus, Director, BBC World Service Group

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