Ones To Watch 2020

Meet this year's 30 Ones to Watch

Zeb Achonu

Editor, Freelance

Aodh Breathnach

Shooting Producer / Shooting PD, Freelance

Abby C. Kumar

Development Producer, Freelance

Felicity Cross

Producer, Freelance

Tasha Dhanraj

Writer, Freelance

Amber Haque

Journalist, Freelance

Alice Keane

Producer, Freelance

Grace Kirkwood

Assistant Producer, Freelance

Evelyn Liu

Assistant Producer, BBC Three

Hanz MacDonald

Assistant Producer, Freelance

Charlie Melville

Shooting Producer, Freelance

Helen Miller, Windfall Films

Development Producer

Sara Missaghian

Assistant Producer, Freelance

Hannah Ruddle

Development AP

Roopesh Parekh

Producer, Freelance

Frances Poletti

Writer, Freelance

Lucy Provan

Filmmaker / Journalist, Freelance

Michael Lee Richardson

Writer, Freelance

Elena Rubio Hall

HETV Production Coordinator, Freelance

Melody Ruiz

Development Producer / Shooting PD, Freelance

Laura Scrivano

Director, Freelance

Art Sejdiu

Development AP, RDF Television

Gary Sewell

Series Producer, Lime Pictures

Olivia Smart

Assistant Producer, MultiStory Media

Sophia Smith Galer

Video Journalist, BBC World Service

Kate South

Producer / Edit Producer, Freelance

Fabian Taghian

Producer, True North Productions

Amy Thompson

Assistant Producer, Silverback Films

Yero Timi-Biu

Writer & Director, Freelance

Camilla Wren

Producer, Other Productions Ltd

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