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louis theroux to deliver the mactaggart lecture 2023

Louis Theroux

Award-winning broadcaster, author, and podcaster, Louis Theroux, will deliver The James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture, the flagship address of the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Renowned documentary-maker Theroux has entertained audiences for over 25 years with his uniquely incisive interviews and insightful take on often hard-hitting human stories. From Weird Weekends to When Louis Met…, and more recently, Forbidden America and Louis Theroux Interviews…  Theroux has become one of the industry’s most acclaimed filmmakers and lauded interviewers. 


His encounters with the likes of Jimmy Savile, The Hamiltons and Max Clifford have become TV legend, but his natural curiosity has also unearthed the most extraordinary stories from more off-beat areas of human experience. 


Theroux’s examination of communities from Scientology and the Westboro Baptist Church to porn stars and Neo-Nazis, delivered with his trademark intelligence and humour, have brought a fresh approach to the documentary genre and proved a huge hit with audiences and critics alike. 

He is now one of the titans of the non-scripted world with production company Mindhouse continuing his work in producing thought-provoking series as well as finding new voices and searching for the next generation of documentary makers.


“I am beyond thrilled to be asked to deliver this year’s MacTaggart lecture. The old Chinese curse runs, ‘May you live in interesting times.’ But I also believe interesting times – to those of us whose job it is to report on them and reflect them, while also providing an occasional distraction from them – can be a blessing. The many years I’ve spent reporting on the fringes have been an ample education on the nature of human psychology and the strange place the world now finds itself in. I look forward to sharing some insight into what I think I’ve learned.” – Louis Theroux


“Louis is one of the defining documentary filmmakers of our times. Now also running an indie, nurturing breakout talent, and expanding into new areas, his 2023 MacTaggart Lecture will be a centrepiece of the Edinburgh TV Festival.” – Advisory Chair, Kiran Nataraja 


“Louis is one of the most thoughtful and pointed figures in TV with a wide range of cultural interests and a broad appeal across generations. I can’t wait to hear his take on where TV is, where it’s come from and where it’s going” – Executive Chair, Fatima Salaria



Important Information


The MacTaggart Lecture is the most popular session at the Festival and we expect reach capacity in the theatre very quickly. To secure your seat please register your attendance. 

NB: available to registered Festival delegates only, you will need to be in your seat by 5:55pm on Wednesday 23 August.