Edinburgh Does...Grayson's Art Club


Thank you for your interest in the Edinburgh Does…Grayson’s Art Club!
We would like you to make a piece of art on the theme of ‘television’.

If you want to be in with the chance to have your work feature on the show, please follow the five easy steps below. The deadline for entries is 12pm on 9 August 2020

Step 1

Take a photograph of the artwork and film a video (less than three minutes long) of yourself on your phone in landscape format talking about why you made your piece and what it says about the theme of ‘television’ (please have your artwork in vision in the video).

Step 2

Follow this link to upload the video and photo – https://wetransfer.com

Step 3

Type your full name and phone number in the ‘Message’ section.

Step 4

Put grayson@thetvfestival.com in the ‘Email to’ section, and your own email address in the ‘Your email’ section. Press send.

Step 5

Complete the release form below

By sending your artwork to us you are agreeing to allow us to use the artwork and video in the Edinburgh TV Festival special edition of the Programme, and for us to contact you about appearing on the Programme on 24th August 2020 talking via video link with Grayson in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Please note that we cannot consider submissions without an accompanying release form.

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