GRAYSON PERRY & The Edinburgh TV Festival Need You!

Do you have a passion for pastels? Are you a secret sculptor? Has lockdown had you reaching for the watercolours?

Grayson is joining the Festival in an exclusive, interactive session, in which he and his wife, psychotherapist and author Philippa will be choosing their favourite artistic efforts submitted by the TV industry.

Perhaps you are a runner with an inner-Banksy, a channel controller who fancies themselves as the next Tracey Emin, or a producer inspired by Chris Ofili – or maybe you see yourself as more of an old master.

Whatever your artistic leanings, we want to hear from you. Grayson and Philippa will select the pieces that speak to them, and talk to the artists behind them as Edinburgh celebrates the art of TV.


Having received rave reviews for bringing the nation together to make art under lockdown, Grayson will be joined by Philippa Perry to bring the Swan Films and All3 Media International show for Channel 4, GRAYSON’S ART CLUB, to the Edinburgh TV Festival in an ‘Edinburgh Does…’ special. Introduced by Sunetra Sarker, Art Club will reflect on the role of art on TV, the importance of culture in a crisis, and appraise of submissions from delegates brave enough to take on the challenge.

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